Boot Camp

By: Josh & Jen

boot camp 2

Boot Camp classes help adults reach weight loss goals through a variety of strength-building and cardio-endurance exercises. Participants develop confidence while achieving an overall feeling of well being.  Pay one fee and participate in as many classes as you like during the session.

Are you looking for a high energy fast paced class that gives you a great total body workout? This class will strengthen, tone, and condition the body for any weekend warrior or those getting back into shape after a few years off. Josh and his team, will help guide you through an intense 45 minute class. Each workout features a healthy dynamic warm-up, followed by a mix of agilities, plyos, core, bands, exercise ball, medicine ball, dumbbell, and other various exercises and drills, that will leave you dripping sweat and feeling great. Still have questions? Contact Josh at [email protected] or come give Boot Camp a try for yourself!