State College Branch Swim Lessons

The YMCA Swim Lesson programs promote children’s health and safety. The program supports parents and encourages their participation in teaching kids valuable life skills. YMCA Swim Lessons teach positive values and give kids the opportunity to practice while promoting their growth in self-esteem and self-worth while they are having a great time.

Choosing the Correct Swim Lesson

Read the class descriptions! Start with your child’s age group. Read & find the skills your child can do. If your child has the skills listed, then register for that level. Remember, placing a child in the incorrect level will be a disservice to both the child and the other class members. Request a YMCA Swim Level Lesson Placement and Evaluation. A swimming instructor will be available to evaluate your child’s skills for placement into the appropriate swim lesson level.

Registration Dates

YMCA Swim lessons will run two sessions within each series to allow equal opportunity for registration and for appropriate level registration after the child’s completion of a previous series’ class level. Note: Classes that meet two times per week run on the schedule below. Saturday classes follow the regular series dates for the majority of the programs listed in this Guide. Due to the popularity and progressive nature of YMCA swim lessons; the registration dates will be as follows:

Late Spring/Summer 2017 Registration




Early Spring B: April 9 – May 6 (M/W,T/R- 4wks) M, 4/3/17 W, 4/5/17
Late Spring: May 8 – July 2 (F, S – 8wks) M, 4/24/17 M, 5/1/17
Late Spring A: May 8 – June 4 (M/W,T/R- 4wks) M, 4/24/17 M, 5/1/17
Late Spring B: June 5 – July 2 (M/W, T/R – 4 wks) M, 5/29/17 W, 5/31/17
Summer: July 3 – August 26 (F/S – 8wks) M, 6/19/17 M, 6/26/17
Summer A: July 3 – July 30 (M/W,T/R- 4wks) M, 6/19/17 M, 6/26/17
Summer B: July 31 – August 26 (M/W, T/R – 4 wks) M, 7/24/17  W, 7/26/17

There will be no classes on May 29 for Memorial Day or on July 3 and July 4 for Independence Day. Class prices will be prorated.

Classes in the Late Spring and Summer sessions are Fridays or Saturdays one per week.

Classes in the Late Spring A, Late Spring B, Summer A and Summer B sessions are either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday each week.

Information regarding Expectations, Responsibilities and Frequently Asked Questions can be found HERE.

 The YMCA of Centre County will be changing over to the new YMCA of the USA swimming levels and instructional path this fall!
To find out more about this exciting change, please click here!

Parent/Child Lessons (6-36 months)

This class will help your child become comfortable in the water while teaching parents how to keep young children safe around the water. Guardian is in the water with the child. A swim diaper is required for the child.

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Pike (3-5 years)

Beginner level; little or no swimming experience.

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Eel (3-5 years)

Must be willing to participate, comfortable in water and able to swim 5 feet on front, back, and side.

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Ray/Starfish (3-5 years)

Ray: Must be able to jump into deep water and swim 15 feet on front, back and side.

Starfish: Must be able to swim 30 feet on front, back and side.

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Polliwog (6-13 years)

Beginner level; little or no swimming experience.

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Guppy (6-13 years)

Be able to swim 20 feet on front, back and side.

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Minnow (6-13 years)

Must be able to swim 25 yards on front, back, and side.

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Fish (6-13 years)

Must be able to swim 25 yards of rudimentary front and back crawl, breaststroke, sidestroke and elementary backstroke.

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Flying Fish/Shark (6-13 years)

Flying Fish: Must be able to swim 50 yards of strokes in fish plus 25 yards of rudimentary butterfly.

Shark: Must be able to swim 100 yards of strokes in fish and 50 yards of butterfly.

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Adult/Teen Beginner (Ages 14 & up)

It is never too late to learn water safety or improve your stroke. No water experience is necessary. Minimum enrollment is required.

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Swim lessons are available to children with special needs in our therapy pool. Instructor to student ration is low. A water wheelchair and ramp into the pool are available. Since adapted meet on Friday or Saturday, the session schedule will follow the Saturday scheduled dates. The Friday evening classes are one-to-one instructor/client and the Saturday class is one-to-three instructor/client. We recommend the Saturday classes for those who are capable of working in a small group.

Private Lessons

Our private swimming lessons are a very popular alternative to our group lessons. Private lessons are 30 minute, 1 to 1 lessons with an experienced swim instructor. Lessons are designed specifically for your swimmer’s needs and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you. Adults are welcome! Please fill out the private-swim-lesson-request-form and submit either to the front desk of the YMCA or online to [email protected] so that we may match you up with an instructor who meets your skill and availability needs. You will pay for the lesson only after you have been contacted by the instructor to schedule your first lesson.