Crazy Swim


Crazy Swim 2018
Saturday, February 3, 2018 – 1pm to 11pm
State College Branch

The Crazy Swim began in 2010 as a 10 mile indoor swimming challenge. Each year, a mile was added to the distance. In 2016, the Crazy Swim became an endurance swim with obstacles to overcome along the way. How crazy are you? This year you can see your diagnosis…

Loopy – 5 miles
Nuts – 10 miles
Delusional – 15 miles
Insane – 18 miles

Swimmers need to present for a safety meeting and check in by 12:30pm and will have up to 10 hours to complete the swim.

We reserve the right to assign some shorter-distance swimmers to a later start time to accommodate space issues in the pool.

Both Individuals and 2 Person Partner Swims Welcome
Participate in the event by yourself, or find someone just as crazy as you are!

Benefit Beginning Swimmers
Entry fees will offset the cost of swim lessons for beginners, helping to perpetuate swimming as a lifetime sport!

Register today, space is limited!
Cost is crazy – $100 per person minus $1 per mile…
5 miles = $95 per person…Loopy!
10 miles = $90 per person…Nuts!
15 miles = $85 per person…Delusional!
18 miles = $82 per person…the more you swim, the more you save – Insane!

Gifts for Each Participant
We have hats, t-shirts and sweatshirts – more layers of crazy = more layers of clothing! Register by January 19 to guarantee your gifts!

Event Rules:

Swimmers are responsible for counting – counting flip chart will be provided. No fins, no kick board, pull buoy, or wet suit. You can swim your distance in whatever increments you like, you can even leave the pool, but you have only ten hours to complete your marathon. Do not forget to bring your feed and hydration.

Individuals register HERE

Partners register HERE