Slow & Easy Water Exercises

Accredited by the Arthritis Foundation, the YMCA certified instructors lead exercises for people with, but not limited to, arthritis. This program increases flexibility, range of motion, and strengthen muscles from head to toe. The average water temperature is 87 degrees. This is a low impact program that includes walking and shallow water exercises.  Included in Slow & Easy Water Exercises is Senior Water Volleyball. Build friendships and have fun playing non-competitive water volleyball. This program helps your body feel great in the water while having fun hitting the beach ball over the net in the pool!

Day              Time               Instructor        M/NM
M/W/F    10:45–11:15 AM       Mary          Free/$30
Volleyball Schedule

Day              Time                 Location
M/W/F    11:15–11:45 AM         Pool
W/F       10:15–10:45 AM          Pool

NOTE:  if you do not see an available class listed below, there are no classes available in this session