Sports For All Hearts

Sports for All Hearts mission is to reach children and teens with special needs and autism in the surrounding areas to give everyone a safe and supportive place to play sports. To teach individuals life lessons such as leadership, team work, and sportsmanship in a hardworking and educational environment.

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2019-2020 Schedule

  • August 2019: activities day (basketball, gym games, hula hoops, etc.) August 31st noon-1:30pm
  • September 2019: soccer September 28th noon-1pm
  • October 2019: fall games (fall festival) October 26th noon-1:30pm
  • November 2019: hockey November 23rd noon-1:30pm
  • December 2019: bowling party December 28th TBD
  • January 2020: sled riding/ building snowmen January 25th noon-1:30pm
  • February 2020: group exercise/dance party February 29th noon-1pm
  • March 2020: gymnastics March 28th TBD
  • April 2020: fishing April 25th TBD
  • May 2020: treasure hunt/scavenger hunt May 30th TBD
  • June 2020: teeball/baseball softball June 27th TBD
  • July 2020: pool party July 25th TBD

For more information Contact Chris Calliari at [email protected] or 814-342-0889