Sports Instruction

Baseball Hitting Instruction

Individual Hitting with Chris Calliari

Sharpen your hitting skills and improve your swing. To register, contact Chris Calliari at 814-342-0889 or [email protected]

$25 for 30-minute lesson
YMCA Baseball Complex

Baseball Pitching Instruction

Individual Pitching with Chris Calliari

Sharpen your pitching skills and improve your mound approach. To register, contact Chris Calliari at 814-342-0889 or [email protected]

$25 for 30-minute lesson
YMCA Baseball Complex

Softball Instruction

Open to all girls in grades K – 6. This is one-on-one softball instruction for 30 minutes. Tune your hitting skills, fielding skills, throwing skills, or just develop your game. Instruction is available. Contact Chris Calliari at [email protected]

$25  for 30-minute session

Basketball Instruction


Learn the basic skills of basketball: shooting, passing, dribbling, rebounding, and defense.
To register, contact Mel Curtis at 814-342-0889 or [email protected]

$25 for 30-minute lesson


Are you looking to try out and make a sport’s team? Are you looking to earn playing time? Or do you just want to take your game to the next level? We have the capability, trainers, and methods to give you the edge to compete, and you have to have the desire and work ethic to attain what you are seeking.

Here at the YMCA, we will help you become elite by using training methods that are proven to be effective. We train athletes of all ages and abilities. We will build individualized programs that are safe, challenging, and progressive and sport specific.

These programs will be built upon your current strengths and weaknesses during the first assessment. Your training program will increase lean muscle and athletic performance, while decreasing body fat and helping prevent injury.

Aspects of Sports Performance Training will include the following:

  • Weight Training
  • Speed Training
  • Core Training
  • Plyometric Training
  • Balance Training
  • Flexibility Training

Sport Performance Training:

  • From ages 8 to 21
  • All sports
  • Flexible Schedule so you aren’t missing trainings

Member cost

  • 1 Session Package: $25
  • 4 Session Package: $85
  • 8 Session Package: $155

Non-Member cost

  • 1 Session Package: $35
  • 4 Session Package: $105
  • 8 Session Package: $185

Contact Chris Calliari at [email protected]