Personal Training

State College Branch Personal Training & Nutrition Counseling

The YMCA of Centre County offers Personal Training, Small Group Training, and Nutritional Counseling to fit your specific needs. Find out more information and pricing below.

Member Packages

1 Session – $45
5 Sessions – $160
*Best Value!* 10 Sessions – $260

Non-Member Packages

1 Session – $90
5 Sessions – $320
10 Sessions – $520

Personal Training

Our personal training program will match you up with a trainer of your choosing that will fit your schedule and work in achieving your goals. Our personalized training programs are tailored for your specific needs and to be safe and effective.

If learning more about basic fitness and to be comfortable in a fitness center is your goal, then we have the perfect place and instructors for you.

If you already know your way around the fitness center and want to change your workout up or better prepare for a race, we are ready to help.

If you are a youth, high school, or an athlete of any age and you want to enhance your performance and limit your risk of injuries, our trainers are prepared to take you to the next level.

Personal Training Interest Form

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Group Training Members Only

Help each other out! Group training allows 2-3 people to work out together out under the supervision of a personal trainer. The trainer will develop a routine to meet the needs of a group of people with similar goals and ability levels and schedule each session as a group. This type of training is fun and less expensive than the one on one session.

Available to YMCA members in clusters of 10 sessions only.

For 2: $185/person      For 3: $155/person

Nutritional Counseling

Ready to get your nutrtition to where it needs to be? Need a little guidance in when to eat, what to eat, or why can’t I lose any weight? Meet with our Certified Nutritionist, Jen Flemming to help work on that tough part of life for so many of us.

**Our training packages are able to be used with our Nutrition Counseling or Personal Training. For example, if you buy a 5 session package, you can use 2 to meet with a nutritionist and 3 with the personal trainer. Also your session packages, never expire.

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