Swim Lesson Rules and Guidelines

  1. If you have any concerns with a class
    1. Please talk to the instructor first – let them explain what you are seeing, give them strategies that you use at home with your child
    2. Contact Lori Lange: Aquatics Coordinator at [email protected] or 814-237-7717 ext 1132
  2. Starting Swim lessons
    1. Check in at the front desk
    2. Shower kids in locker room / use potty
    3. Instructors will meet kids in hallway/ bleachers (rec pool)
    4. Children should wait to get in the water with the instructor
    5. Parents are to stay near pool (please notify the instructor or lifeguard if you need to leave)
    6. Meet children right after class in the hallway
  3. Parent Seating (Not in therapy pool deck unless requested by instructor) is on white chairs on the recreation pool deck or on the bleachers. Please do not bring chairs into the hallway near the pool, this is a fire hazard.
  4. Weather Emergencies – No refunds/make ups
    1. Thunderstorms – (lightning within 6 miles within the last 30 minutes) Students will participate in land water safety activities.
    2. Inclement weather:
      1. Please check our web site by 8am for the morning class, and by 2:30pm for the evening classes. You can check the “Alerts” page on our website for up-to-the minute information.
      2. If the State College Area School District has a 2-hour delay, classes will run as scheduled.
  5. Remember every child develops differently – please be patient, consistent, and encouraging. It is natural for beginning swimmers to get upset and even cry, please allow your child to work through the anxiety of separation and a new environment. They will not be forced to do anything they don’t want to and will be continually encouraged to try new things.
  6. We recommend goggles & hair ties for children with long hair.
  7. Swimming in out side pools/lakes/oceans. Make sure to wash and disinfect swim suits that have been used outside before using them in the pool!
  8. Keep kids home if sick especially with Flu / illness causing loose/uncontrollable bowel movements.
  9. Parent/Child class please use swim diapers.
  10. Parent/Child class: if your baby has a tendency to spit up frequently, bring a burp cloth with you into the pool to avoid getting any of it in the pool.

For any other concerns, please contact Aquatics Coordinator Lori Lange at [email protected] or 814-237-7717 ext 1132.

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