State College Aquatics

Please look at our online facility schedule to see the most up to date times and number of lap lanes available.

For the recreation pool schedule only, go here.

For the therapy pool schedule only, go here.

Lap Swim

Lap swim time and lane availability varies through the day.

Lap swimmers should share lanes and circle swim (stay on the right-hand side of your lane regardless of direction) at all times. Lap swimmers should try to pair with others who swim close to their pace. During times when there are only two lap lanes available, lap swimmers will be given first priority to use the lanes. Lap swimming is defined as continual swimming for the entire length of the lane.

Family Swim

Family swim times are available in the lap pool on a first-come, first served basis during times when there are four or more lanes available. If there are multiple lanes being used for non-lap swimming, lifeguards may move non-lap swimmers to one single or combined lane.

Leisure Swim

Leisure swim times are when families are invited to use the therapy pool. Please remember that this is still primarily an exercise pool and be respectful of those who wish to use it in this manner.

Member Workout

Member workout times are set aside specifically for members to use the therapy pool for therapeutic exercise. Children under 18 are allowed only to work one on one with a YMCA instructor, or for therapeutic exercise one on one with an approved guardian. Member workout times may allow for use of the entire pool, or limited space depending on programming needs.


If you are looking for more information on our Aquatic Exercise programs, look HERE!

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If you have any questions about any other aquatics-related issues, please contact our Aquatics Director Ray Carroll at mailto:[email protected].